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Inspired by mathematical forms, the 'volumes' series explores beauty in what appears to be everyday simplicity. 



  • Sterling silver with options to oxidise (surface blacken) or plate in 18K yellow.
  • Adjustable silk chord necklace  - variations of colours available. 
  • Additional option to set custom birthstone gems. Please contact me directly for a quote if you would like to add more than two stones.


  • January – Garnet 1.5mm
  • February – Amethyst 1.75mm
  •  March – Aquamarine 1.75mm
  • April – Diamond 1.2mm
  • May – Emerald 1.5mm
  • June – Pearl 3.5mm
  • July – Ruby 1.25mm
  • August – Peridot 2mm
  • September – Sapphire 1.5mm
  • October – Pink Tourmaline 1.75mm
  • November – Citrine 2.5mm
  • December – Topaz 1.5mm


Comes beautifully boxed and wrapped with care instructions and a personal note from me.


Please allow three weeks for your custom design to be made unless this is for Mother's day 2021.


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