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Video captured and edited by Melissa D'amico

" My creative process is material driven and concept inspired. I am excited by all things hand-made - specifically that which employs traditional crafts(wo)manship - and a fascination of new technologies." 

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Nadine has always believed that there is an art to science and a science to art.

Although initially enrolled in Biomedical science, Treister changed her directed and completed a Bachelor of Interior Design (Hons) at RMIT University in 2004 where she was awarded the Indesign achievement prize. After completing her degree, Treister worked in some of the leading Architectural practices in Melbourne, where she established a love for the hand-made and a fascination of materials. This in-turn let her to explore objects and the making process at a closer scale.

In 2010 she completed a Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery) at NMIT and was a recipient of a grant from the Australian Council for the Arts the following year. 

Her jewellery practice is an ongoing exploration and reinterpretation of significant styles and movements throughout history. Through the use of non-traditional materials, bold colour and attention to detail, Treister seeks to create humorous and carefree inspired collections.

Nadine currently is currently undertaking her MFA through the Victorian College of the Arts and divides her time between her jewellery practice, late night baking experiements and nurturing her two young daughters. 

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