Fascinated with form, line, shadow and contrast, this collection explores the mathematical proportions of shapes to create wonderful volumes.

Two necklace designs to select from - Conical or Spherical.

Three surface finished to select from- 

  •  Brushed Sterling silver

  •  Oxidised (blackened) sterling silver

  • 18K yellow gold plated sterling silver.

Necklace Colour Options

Eight different necklace colours to select from.

The necklace is fully adjustable to suit a variety of length desires.


Personalise your design by adding corresponding birthstones to your pendant.  

Each birthstone correlates to a particular month of the year. Add a stone for every child's birthdate.

Please note, if you would like to add more than two stones, please contact me directly to organise a quote. 


Birthstones selected for your necklace will be clustered together.

N.B - This sketch is not to scale. Please refer to individual stone sizes listed at the check-out.